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The Future of Marine Survey Reports



Stabilizer Fin Delamination

Nedra Walker, November 20 2019

Here's another finding we come across frequently when inspecting vessels with cored fiberglass fin stabilizers. As with any deficiency I come across more than once, I save it as a Quick Insert Phrase within InspectX so that it's very easy to enter into the report while working in the field.

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Cracked strainer service cap

Craig Norton, November 7 2019

Here's a an example of a failure we come across often during the course of a survey. I have a commonly used phrase already saved in the Finding's & Recommendations section of my version of InspectX under 'Raw Water Strainers' for just such an occasion. These service caps should only ever be tightened by hand, so it is likely that this fracture occu...

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