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The Future of Marine Survey Reports

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Comprehensive Reports.

Desktop grade features in your hands.

Visualized Progress.  

Colored categories and buttons simplify which items are not started, in progress, or completed.

Multi-Person Collaboration.

Work together with your team on the same report, at the same time.  

Touch Interface.   

Save time with the only tool you'll ever need for report writing.

InspectX has been specifically and purposefully designed for use with tablets and touch devices in order to complete your survey report while in the field. InspectX replaces handwritten field notes with an easy to use interface so there is no need to transcribe your notes at home.

We don't believe that software should dictate the order in which you complete your survey.

One of the most challenging aspects when completing your report in the field is navigating the software interface. The linear entry approach taken by all other report software is designed for completion behind a desk, while InspectX uses a different approach.

With InspectX, the interface allows seamless and fast navigation between any category or heading which gives you full control to survey naturally and efficiently in any order you choose.

“ I had this elation leaving my assignment knowing my report was already complete! 

InspectX is a stand alone full-featured desktop grade program which has been purposefully designed and built for narrative style reports to be completed in the field. While ease of navigation and text entry are at its core, of equal importance is the quality of the final report.

The published final report automatically generated by InspectX is polished and professional, designed to exceed all industry standards while still offering many adjustments to customize the format to your specific desires.

One of the most exciting features of InspectX is the use of colors to precisely display your level of completion during any survey. In real-world testing we found that when taking notes by hand most surveyors would partially complete an entry and return to that same entry at a later point to further develop their statement or add additional information (i.e. when locating an additional bilge pump, fire extinguisher or life-jacket). With InspectX you can mark an entry as ‘in progress’ and its color will turn yellow for easy future reference of which items you are still working on. Item headings can be easily filtered, for example, to quickly display only item headings marked as ‘in progress.’

This clearly ordered color scheme allows a perfect visual overview of what items are still pending and the high contrast background and buttons make it easier to see your display in bright sunlight. 

The benefits of more than one surveyor collaborating on a single report at the same time is immediately apparent to those surveyors that work together on large assignments. Whether this is used to spread the load on large vessels or as an apprentice training tool, InspectX opens a world of opportunities to not only improve your report but also enhance your survey process.

InspectX seamlessly integrates with your tablet's virtual keyboard, virtual handwriting panel, and even your favorite voice recognition software to quickly and easily enter or modify item details. 

Included with the installation of InspectX is a very large database of Categories, Sub-Categories and Headings, all of which include many Quick Insert Options to help you complete an entry quickly. In addition, a very large collection of common deficiencies and recommendations can be found under almost every single heading. Each of these deficiencies or 'Findings' can be prioritized by safety (A, B, or C) according to common Survey practice. See the article by BoatUS for more information on this priority selection HERE .

The included large collection of data has been accumulated over years of successful Surveys and narrowed down to the most useful and frequently used phrases.  Of course, these are only examples of content and you can modify as desired or substitute with your own preferred choices, or even start with a blank layout and create each heading and Quick Insert Option to match your current Report format.

Personalized Content

Create your own content or make use of the included options.

For every category, each of your carefully worded 'Quick Insert Options' are readily available which make completing each title easier and faster than if you were taking notes with a notepad.

The ability to easily jump to items in any category allow you the freedom to complete your Survey in the order you want, while the versatile features keep your reports as uniquely professional as you are.  

The large selection of fully customizable Insert Options vastly reduce the amount of text input required while in the field, but even adjusting or writing entries from scratch is incredibly easy.

"My clients were amazed at how quickly they received such a detailed and professional report!"

Entering report data made easy.

Once and done. 

"There is no way to describe the satisfaction that comes with knowing that with each completed heading your report is one step closer to being ready for publishing."

InspectX will save you time whether you are an established Marine Surveyor or just starting out.

Everything you need to create professional reports in a fraction of the time.

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Current Force5 User?

Import your personalized report directly into InspectX

Force 5 is a very popular and well established Marine Survey report writing software with many great features. If you are a current Force 5 user looking for an option to complete your Survey Report while in the field our Import tool will automatically import all of your current Categories, Topics, Headings and Item Choices (including those from your Findings and Recommendations) directly into InspectX. This seamless and easy transfer makes your move to InspectX virtually effortless.

Click HERE for Importer instructions.