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Open InspectX on your touch device from any browser. Start a new project or select a project from your list.

The InspectX navigation page (shown below) contains your categories at the top of the page with the headings specific to that category in the buttons below. Navigation between headings and categories are a simple press of the button. The button names and their position can be customized to your preference in Configuration Mode, and their location corresponds to their position in the final published report.

When a heading item has been selected you are presented with the information entry page. Customize and create your own most frequently used phrases in the Quick Insert Options and use your tablet's on-screen keyboard to modify the entry accordingly. From here you have the option to press 'Complete' and return to the navigation screen with this heading marked as complete, or press 'Incomplete' to mark this heading in-progress if you intend to return to this heading to add more information at a later time. Pressing 'Cancel' returns to the main Navigation screen without saving any changes.

If you have found a deficiency related to this heading item you can create a Finding by selecting A/B/C at the top of any entry page.

Using A/B/C you can select the priority level of this Finding. Clicking anywhere in the Finding window showed the related Quick Insert Options for the Finding, and clicking anywhere in the Recommendation window shows the related Quick Insert Options for the Recommendation. These can be customizable to your preference just like Quick Insert Options anywhere in InspectX. Click Save to return to the previous page.

When an entry has been saved within the interface it is automatically formatted and ready for the final report.

When an entry has been saved within the interface it is automatically formatted and ready for the final report.

See the video and basic descriptive overview below for how InspectX can improve your survey and reports.

I was recently asked to present InspectX Marine Report Writing Software to the IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveying) at their recent annual meeting in London.

Unfortunately I couldn't be there in person, but I was able to join through a live webinar style meeting that could be viewed by all of those live in the room, as well as all of those joining in live online. I recorded this presentation and you'll find the video below. It is long (the presentation was intended to be an hour) so you won't be blamed for skipping over this video and watching the abbreviated version of how the software works in the second video below!


But for those that want a little more detailed insight and overview of the software, I'm quite certain you'll find some useful information here or in the Q & A portion toward the end of the video.

Enter Review Mode to easily review and make changes to the report before publishing.

Select Publish Final Report from the menu at the top of Review Mode to open your completed report in separate browser window in PDF preview. Please note that converting the report to PDF takes a few seconds so be patient while the page loads.

A Draft of the final report can be viewed at any time (an embedded watermark is inserted into the PDF file). In order to view or or save a Final Report you will be asked to sign-in or create your InspectX account (internet connection required) which will be used to verify your available credit. Each report will only have to be purchased once, and can be re-printed at any time, at no cost.

The layout and formatting for the final draft can be adjusted within the settings pages to customize this report to your preference.

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