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Welcome to the world's most advanced Survey Writing Software.

InspectX is currently a free download which you can install on as many computers as you desire. In addition, your first 3 Survey Reports can be published for free using the coupon codes received when creating your account!

An internet connection is required to publish each report and payment will be requested at that time. After payment, that report will remain unlocked to publish as many times as you need.

Switching or starting out with InspectX is simple and easy with a low publish price that can easily be built into your Survey costs. When compared to the time it takes to transcribe your notes or typist fees, the overall time and money saved make switching to InspectX the smart choice. This is not a subscription service, you only pay when publishing which makes it an easy expense to build into your Survey cost.


Calculated Savings

As a generally understood rule, most surveyors find it takes an hour in the office for every hour spent onboard the vessel. InspectX eliminates this redundant transcription effort, which in turn, increases your productivity and profit by close to 50% on every assignment! Even without considering how easy the software is to use, and leaving aside the fact InspectX ensures key criteria can never be forgotten during an inspection, or even forget the beautifully styled and professional report it produces, the single fact that InspectX will save you up to 50% time and money on each assignment more than justify the small publishing fee.

Refund Policy

Downloading the full version of InspectX is completely free. We are so confident you will be pleased with the interface and the time you will save that we even allow you to perform as many complete Survey Inspections as you want without spending a dime. You will also have the ability to preview the Report in PDF prior to payment (a watermark will be placed on the Report pages until after purchase). Even after purchasing a Report you can still make changes without requiring additional payment; however, significant changes (re-surveying the same or similar vessel at a later date) will still require payment.

If, for any reason, you feel you have mistakenly paid for, or been asked to pay for, an already purchased Report please contact us directly to explain your situation and we would be happy to help by issuing a refund or a free publish if you prefer.


or for immediate assistance, call:
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