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Craig Norton, April 6 2020

Hand-held Fire Extinguisher Recall

Hi all! 

Today's quick-tip is about the commonly seen expired or recalled hand-held fire extinguishers. Take note anytime you see these Kidde brand hand-held fire extinguishers with plastic handles (like the video above) or push-button fire extinguishers. 

Non-Affected Fire Extinguishers with plastic handles
Plastic handle fire extinguishers with horizontal plastic pull pins and a curved black plastic handle are not affected by this recall. These units come in various sizes and are either red, white, silver and can be ABC or BC rated. The important thing to remember is the horizontal plastic pull pin and curved black plastic handle types are not affected.  

Here's an example of a 'Quick Insert Option' phrase I have saved and ready to go whenever I see this. Feel free to adjust the following phrase and copy/paste into your version of InspectX for when you come across something similar. 

The hand-held fire extinguishers observed onboard may be part of a consumer recall numbered 18-022 or 15-079 which includes most of the hand-held fire extinguishers produced by Kidde with plastic handles. Contact Kidde to investigate and replace the recalled fire extinguishers, as necessary.

Written by

Craig Norton

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