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Craig Norton, November 7 2019

Cracked strainer service cap

Here's a an example of a failure we come across often during the course of a survey. I have a commonly used phrase already saved in the Finding's & Recommendations section of my version of InspectX under 'Raw Water Strainers' for just such an occasion. These service caps should only ever be tightened by hand, so it is likely that this fracture occurs when the cap has been over-tightened using a tool. 

Here's an example of a 'Quick Insert Option' phrase I have saved and ready to go whenever I see this. Feel free to adjust the following phrase and copy/paste into your version of InspectX for when you come across something similar. 

The ice-chipper pump intake sea-strainer's plastic service cap was cracked/fractured in the aft lazarette bilge.  Replace the service cap, as necessary. 

Written by

Craig Norton

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