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Craig Norton, October 29 2019

Panasonic ToughBook giveaway! 

As surveyors ourselves we often attend SAMS (Society Of Accredited Marine Surveyors) regional or international seminars. These meetings serve to provide continuing education credits to the attendees and also provide a great location for new and current inspectors to learn about new tools at their disposal. 

During these gatherings InspectX will often give a short interactive presentation to introduce the software and help educate potential clients of its flexibility and use. While most surveyors immediately see the benefit and potential of this program, others are held back with skepticism, either by the pricing or by the fear that using software might limit the quality of their survey reports. 

As incentive for those already convinced InspectX will help them as well as to encourage these skeptics to hear us out, we will frequently give away a computer preloaded with InspectX and ready for rugged use in the field. There are many options for different Windows based tablets that can be used in the field but the ToughBook has the longest track record of success for our users and it's actually what I personally use in the field myself. 

Our most recent SAMS International meeting was held in Savannah Georgia at The DeSoto Hotel toward the end of September. There were just under 300 attending surveyors at this meeting and it was great meeting some of our current users in person as well as introducing the concept to new surveyors. We look forward to welcoming you to the InspectX team! At the end of the week we presented a short overview of InspectX and picked a card from our fishbowl for the lucky winner of this ToughBook!  This two-in-one ToughBook comes equipped with a built-in handstrap, a hot-swappable battery, the latest version of Windows 10, a 128GB Solid State Hard Drive, and most importantly, InspectX Marine Report Writing Software preloaded and ready to go. 

Burton Robson was our most recent lucky winner and I'm glad this computer went to such a deserving home! 

Thanks to all of those in attendance and look out for our table and giveaway at the next meeting!

Written by

Craig Norton

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