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Craig Norton, September 19 2023

InspectX v2 - Report Publishing

We all understand the survey report is the product of our efforts and the culminating document describing hours of labor. 

InspectX has been founded on two primary principles of equal importance. An interface that is easy to use, and a final report that is well organized and professional. I have often said that a report writing program is very much like a hammer. In the hands of a toddler we're going to have a mess; but in the hands of a carpenter something beautiful! There is no better compliment than when I hear from other InspectX surveyors that tell me about the high praises their report received after submitting to a client or underwriter. 

Of course it's up to each surveyor to choose what information is included, and how something is described within their report. InspectX has long held the reputation of producing a well-polished final report, and our new version promises to take this final report to new levels. 

The cover and title pages now have editable text blocks to further customize what content is shown on these pages. 

We have always had a table of contents integrated into the PDF document itself, but we now have the ability to include this as a printed page in the report. 

Findings can now be displayed in both the report body and in an appendix at the end of the report, and you get to choose where you want the finding images to appear. 

Images can be added by dragging/dropping directly into InspectX and you get to choose the size to be displayed within the report, whether 1/3 the width of the page for 3 alongside, 1/2 width for 2 alongside or even full-width to retain original size (most useful for screenshots). 

These options, coupled with smarter page formatting and professional styling bring the final report to a whole new level. 

You can further customize this report and personalize the formatting to your preferred style. You set it once and all your future reports automatically retain the same layout settings for consistency. That way you can focus on shaping the content like a skilled craftsman.

The new Publish page in InspectX lets you easily preview the final report before publishing. By default, the final report has a polished and refined appearance and requires nothing more than your review, but if you should feel inclined to tweak the content to your specific style you'll have many (many) options to do just that.  For our UK surveyors, you'll notice the option to change the size of the final PDF should you wish to publish in A4 or even legal page sizes. 

You can setup profiles for publishing a report including or excluding certain sections. This enables you to easily publish a separate Findings & Recommendations report, and specifically tailor whether to include the cover page, title page, table of contents, etc. and even control whether images should be published in which sections. You can also append additional PDF documents to your report and password-protect the entire document.

Thanks to input from our UK and EU surveyors, we have also included the option to automatically number your report sections. 

I have been impressed with how easy this makes referencing different sections in the final report and I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes more commonly used amongst our US surveyors as well. 

An InspectX survey report has always been a well-respected professional document, but I think you'll agree that these options give you the tools to elevate your report to whole new level.

Written by

Craig Norton


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