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Craig Norton, August 31 2023

Exciting Features on the Horizon!

I am very excited to announce that we are nearing completion of a very large update to InspectX. We have packed so many new features into this new version I don’t even know where to begin.

To our loyal surveyors already using InspectX, this update is for you. Don’t worry, while we have created all these amazing new features, we have still kept the core simplicity and functionality that you already know.

If you are not yet using InspectX to complete your survey reports then I strongly suggest you keep an eye on this space, because the chances are very high that you’ll see that ‘must-have’ feature you’ve been holding out for!

This upcoming update contains features suggested by our users as well as all the features I wish we could've included in the first version. Here’s an overview of just some new features you can look forward to.

Global Changes

Project Selection Mode

Button Mode

Edit Window


Outline Mode

Settings Mode

Configuration Mode

Attachment Manager

Publish Mode

and I'm sure quite a few more things I forgot along the way....

Written by

Craig Norton


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