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Craig Norton, September 29 2023

InspectX v2 - Images

One of the most exciting new features coming to InspectX is the enhanced image handling. 

One of my favorite improvements is just how easy it is to add images using drag/drop directly from your computer (Windows or Mac). 

A light blue veil is displayed over the page when any type of attachment is dragged into view over the window. 

Dropping the attachments on any open space will automatically add them to the 'photos' section in the report's appendix. 

On import you get the opportunity to set the default width you want these images to appear in your report. You'll also see the original file size and what it will be reduced to after import. 

When you drag an attachment directly onto a button/heading it will immediately be added to that location. 

The same action can be performed to add images to any Findings & Recommendations with an easy drag/drop.

All images added to the report appear in the Attachment Manager, where they can be edited or moved to other sections as needed. 

Each attachment thumbnail has a checkbox to easily select and perform bulk actions (rotate, delete, move, etc.).

You can select multiple images and drag them to a different area in the report using the outline view column on the left, and all functionality of the interface has been designed with idea that it should be used as easily by touch as with a mouse/touchpad.  

Specific elements like arrows and circles can be made overlayed over the selected image to call out any areas of interest or concern. Captions can also be written in the text box below the enlarged image.  

A numerical system can be utilized on any image or diagram if there is a need to call out more than one issue on each image.

Shapes can be positioned anywhere on an image and adjusted using sliders (rotation, height, width, size and color). 

The attachment action menu is useful for performing specific actions to an image to better represent the content. 

The Symbols menu contains a number of high-quality vector graphics that can be arranged over any image or hull diagram. While we include a number of symbols in this menu, you can also add your own for specific symbols you may wish to use in your reports. 

I hope you put these new image features to good use in your future reports as they're sure to make your reports stand out in a unique and professional way.

Written by

Craig Norton


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