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InspectX version release Information

VERSION: (current version)

  • Created migration utility for backup and restoring entire database to another computer. This utility is located in the root directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\InspectX\Utilities
  • Added Configuration and Settings Files to automatically backup to the root directory along with all Project Files. C:\Program Files (x86)\InspectX\Backup
  • Added complete backup of entire database once every 24hrs, rotating for 7 days before overwriting oldest backup and continuing the cycle.
  • Increased the height of the signature to accomodate a stamp or other designation graphics.
  • Justified all report text by default.
  • Matched the Findings & Recommendation font sizes for identical layout formatting when publishing full report as when publishing findings only report.
  • Fixed the cover page image width which would affect the cover page dimensions if a cropped image was inserted.
  • Added colors to the Findings, "A"=Red, "B"=Blue and "C"=Green.
  • Added EXIT button to the top left menu (primarily for use when in Kiosk mode)
  • Added computer name and IP address info into the menu's 'about' section for easier remote connection.
  • Major improvements to the installation process.

The software will automatically check for updates once every 24hrs and a message will pop-up on your screen letting you know when one is available. If you computer was not online or happened to be turned off at the scheduled update time, you can force it to check for updates by simply restarting your computer. The update service is scheduled to run 5 minutes after restarting your computer. You will not lose any data by running the update but you certainly do NOT want to reinstall the application from scratch. If your computer doesn't show an available update after restarting then please reach out to me. Thanks!


  • Improved loading time of Project Selection Page when project list becomes large.  
  • Improved the quality and slightly increased the size of attached image thumbnails.
  • Added total page count to current page number on each page of the PDF.
  • Added space to Finding's Suffix in the PDF report's Table of Contents to allow space between finding and description.
  • Fixed bug to keep non-published findings in summary table of the report body to remain in sync with findings in the appendix.
  • Fixed bug that prevented some foreign currency locales from completing a purchase.
  • Fixed bug where Findings placed in General Info resulted in mismatched link order in final PDF.


  • Selecting the 'A', 'B' or 'C' Finding now opens Findings page with that selection already highlighted.
  • Selecting an already created Finding goes directly to modify that finding (skipping the Finding's Summary Page).
  • Saving an already creating Finding exits to the button entry page (skipping the Finding's Summary Page).
  • Access to Finding's Summary Page added by clicking the magnifying icon next to the Finding Selection.
  • Access to creating new Finding made possible by clicking '+' icon next to Finding Selection.
  • Added the ability to allow Cover Page image to appear on the Title Page if the Cover Page is not used.
  • Added Button Re-order and exit icons when in Configuration Mode to make their access more intuitive.  
  • Added a Magnifier icon to headings that include a Finding (this makes identifying which buttons contain findings even easier).
  • Added specific script for FireFox browsers to allow right click menu to appear when selecting images.
  • Added a transaction receipt that is emailed to account holder when publishing.


  • Added code to fix recurring known issue in Microsoft Edge to allow publishing PDFs as attachments (changed PDF converter request to open as an attachment where user can Open or Save file when using Edge only).
  • Rolled back PDF Converter version after a bug was identified in the latest version third-party converter software to prevent rare error on some machines which resulted in a %PDF error message.


  • Modifications to the handling of Cover/Title Page buttons.
  • Added ability to rotate any images from right-click menu in full image or thumbnail image.
  • Added ability to invert image color from image menu.
  • Fixed UTF characters being incorrectly displayed in the Published PDF.


  • Stable public release with user customization ability throughout.